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Burial Policy :
  1. The use of cemetery for burial for ALL Muslims.
  2. 24 hours advance notice should be given to arrange preparations for the burial.
  3. A completed application form (available at the ISGKC office) OR on the ISGKC website, accompanied by the following should be submitted to MAMC before the burial is accepted.
  4. If the body is to be washed (ghusal), MAMC should be notified at the time of application. The body should be brought to ISGKC 3-4 hours prior to the designated burial time.
  5. Transportation of body to ISGKC, and subsequently to the cemetery (as the case may be) is the responsibility of the family members/guardian.
  6. Ladies attending the funeral must observe proper Islamic attire while in the Islamic Center and/or at the cemetery.
  7. Graves are maintained in complete uniformity and therefore NO additional markings will be permitted. Placing of ornaments and/or flowers/candles will not be permitted and will be removed. The cemetery reserves the right to bill the guardian for the cleanup cost.
  8. Practices contrary to the Sunnah of Prophet s.a.w.s will not be permitted.
  9. Burial fee is $2000, it covers burial plot, Gusl, and Headstone. Transportation fees are not included.
    • Certified check or money order in the name of MAMC or cash for the applicable amount (no personal checks are accepted).
Please also refer and abide by the rules described in the Burial Application and cemetery brochures.
Send Email applications to [email protected]. You may contact the following persons:
  • Br. Fadi Banyalmarjeh – (816) 213-3022 [[email protected]]

  • Br. Zahir Siddiqi – (816) 237-9200

  • Br. Russel Mohammed – (816) 309-2926